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generating just one nervous, worried etc. She has a good deal on her mind. bekommernisse مُسَبِّب للقَلَق тревожа em que pensar na starosti auf dem Herzen haben på sit hoved που απασχολεί τη σκέψη μου, που με κάνει να ανησυχώ en que pensar südamel olema اعصاب کسی را خورد کردن olla huolestunut sur la conscience בְּמוֹח- परेशान होना brinuti vmi nyomja a lelkét sangat resah vera áhyggjufullur sulla coscienza 気にかかって 마음에 걸려 kas ant širdies guli uz sirds; padomā merisaukan zorgen som plager, som bekymrer en na głowie څوك عصبى كول muito em que pensar pe conştiinţă, pe suflet тревожить, беспокоить na starosti skrbeti na pameti [ha ngt] som trycker en, [ha ngt] på hjärtat วิตกกังวล endişelendiren, içine dert olan 有心事,有煩惱 в думках کئی مسائل سے دو چار ہونا lo lắng về điều gì 使人担心,惦念

No reprogramming is needed, rather come to be vacant – this condition of emptiness will attract daily life to you personally (a vacuum will always be stuffed) and it will unfold perfectly, much better than the limited Moi mind might have imagined! It’s a law of mother nature, we're now excellent, only our limited mind obscures that point. The seeker is surely an illusion, we are already there!

I used to be of precisely the same mind as my brother → yo estaba de acuerdo con mi hermano, yo era de la misma opinión que mi hermano

set constructions ? in mind to bear or preserve some thing in mind → etw nicht vergessen; information also, software → etw im Auge behalten; to bear or maintain any person in mind → an jdn denken; applicant also → jdn im Auge behalten; using this type of in mind… → mit diesem Gedanken im Hinterkopf…; to obtain any individual/some thing in mind → an jdn/etw denken; to have in mind to complete anything → vorhaben or im Sinn haben, etw zu tun; to get it in mind to do some thing → beabsichtigen or sich (dat) → vorgenommen haben, etw zu tun; it puts me in mind of someone/a thing → es weckt in mir Erinnerungen an jdn/etw ?

Of course, it’s easier for someone with DID to Display screen these physiological adjustments than it is actually for the typical person who has just one identity.

to decide. They have manufactured up their minds to stay in Africa. besluit, finaal besluit يُقَرِّر решавам decidir-se rozhodnout se sich entschließen beslutte αποφασίζωdecidirse otsustama تصمیم گرفتن päättää se décider לְהַחֲלִיט फ़ैसला कर लेना, इरादा कर लेना, निश्चय कर लेना, ठान लेना, निश्चय करना odlučiti se elhatározza magát memutuskan ákveða sig decidersi 決心する 결심하다 nutarti, pasiryžti izlemt; nolemt membuat keputusan besluitenta en beslutning, bestemme seg podjąć decyzję تصميم نيول decidir-se a se very hotărî решить rozhodnúť sa odločiti se odlučiti se very bestämma sig [för] ตัดสินใจ kararını vermek 下定決心 вирішити فیصلہ کرنا quyết định 下决心

In straightforward conditions, according to check here Bruce the mind is split into two major factors – the acutely aware and the subconscious mind. The mindful mind is designed up of our floor feelings, needs, needs and aspirations.

When you consider what we’ve done towards the World & the wars which have more help been happening on the earth, You should request, have we actually evolved?

Really don't trouble; It is all proper. Never mind, I am going to get it done myself. toemaar لا يَهُم! لا تَهْتَم! няма значение deixa para lá nevadí mach dir nichts draus det gør ikke noget; tag dig ikke af det; det er lige meget δεν πειράζει no importa, da igual, no te preocupes pole viga مهم نیست älä välitä ça ne fait rien לא נוֹרָא परवाह मत करो ništa za to nem számít!, ne törődj vele! tidak apa-apa skiptir engu, gerir ekkert (non importa) 気にしない 걱정 말아라 niekis, tai nieko neuztraucies!

) Slowly, even that become a purely pragmatic need for knowing. I'd managed to turn myself into an emotionless automaton dragging alone as a result of everyday living only for fear of death, continually analyzing itself and the whole world around it. I hardly managed to carry on to my perception of self.

Power Psychology – “Human civilization on this Earth has the necessity to speedily change our behaviour since our recent behaviour is bringing about mass extinction. Vitality psychology is usually a type of belief alter that provokes ‘super Finding out’ – the chance to synchronize the hemispheres of our brain and down load a little something into your subconscious quickly.

The stem mobile science Bruce labored on while in the nineteen sixties disclosed that the ‘ecosystem’ the cells have been in shaped the genetics and conduct on the cell.

I keep in mind remaining completely propelled to Stop my unhappy work about just one month after my son Josh was born. A totally irrational selection, but a single which entirely shifted The trail I used to be on and ignited a massive wave of recent Artistic option in my life. The power to produce a “spontaneous remission” of any form is out there to every of us when we tap into your power of our subconscious mind.

belief, persuasion, sentiment, assumed, check out - a personal perception or judgment that isn't Launched on proof or certainty; "my feeling differs from yours"; "I am not of your persuasion"; "Exactly what are your ideas on Haiti?"

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